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What is Fasting?

Embers and Flames

"Self-indulgence is the enemy of gratitude, and self-discipline usually its friend and generator. That is why gluttony is a deadly sin. The early desert fathers believed that a person's appetites are linked: full stomachs and jaded palates take the edge from our hunger and thirst for righteousness. They spoil the appetite for God." - Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., Presiden...

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Social Distancing is one of the Ten Commandments

One of the most difficult aspects of this moment in time for me is staying away from others. We may not be able to gather for corporate worship, but we may served the Lord by social-distancing to honor our father and mothers, bearing with the infirmities of our older citizens. Honor in the fifth commandment cuts three ways. It means performing the duties we owe to those w...

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Why We Need to Rediscover a Moral Imagination

Christian worship becomes the place to call one another to celebrate the collective imagination, the shared history, the true saga beneath all stories, the gospel which brings human flourishing for the blood-bought lambs, and through them, hope for the world. God’s story of redemption is our story, too. We must tell it and show it and live it together. It is the foundat...

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Rediscover Your Calling

Within the growing Tulsa Metro population Trinity is a training ground in which we learn to integrate the gospel into all spheres of life and work--whether at home, on the job, or at school-- viewing ourselves as a gospel-centered people who believe grace changes everything. ...

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The Debate Over Lent

There are good times to practice fasting and confession of sin. Lent provides such a time if it can be used as a tool not a rule for your sanctification....

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Joshua 8 - Community Group Questions for Nov 13, 2016

This week's sermon is from Joshua 8. Listen to the sermon here. How would you say you feel between God's promises, stuck in the middle of the "conquest" without knowing what to do next? What are the little things that you are tempted to leave God out of, thinking you can handle them for yourself? In what ways have you seen "serpent theology" in the life of the church?...

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Joshua 10, Community Group Questions for Week of Nov 27, 2016

Read Joshua 10 in preparation for worship. Community Group Questions for November 27, 2016: Why is the picture of Christ as a warrior so uncommon today? In what ways does Christ reveal Himself as a warrior today? Are you amazed when God answers your prayers? If so, why? In what areas of your heartland, have you given up the fight? How do the sacraments (baptism and...

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Joshua's Prayer at Gibeon

In preparing for the sermon this week, I found myself reflecting on Joshua as he came up from Gilgal to defend Gibeon against the five kings. In Joshua 10:12 he prayed: "At that time Joshua spoke to the Lord in the day when the Lord gave the Amorites over to the sons of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, 'Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and moon, in the valley at A...

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So... What is fasting?

In response to my post on Lent someone asked about fasting. What is it? Pastor Blake, Thank you for this! Very informative and helpful information. I have a novice question... What IS fasting, traditionally? Is it abstaining from all food? Just meat? Anything you'll miss? Is it from Sun up to Sun down, or 24/7? And is the point to remind us to pray? Pray about what sp...

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