Join us this Sunday - 10AM Gathered Worship, Barnes Elementary Gym (7809 E 76th St North, Owasso, OK 74055)

Sunday - 9:00AM Discipleship for All Ages

Join Us Sunday: 10am at Barnes Elementary

Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) is a relatively new church for Owasso & the region. Trinity formally "launched" in August of 2011, but our story begins with prayer in living rooms in 1997.  Many who lived in Owasso and the surrounding area traveled to Tulsa for worship and wanted a church in Owasso where people could “come as they are” without pretense, an outward-facing church for the good of the city where the gospel was central. This prayerful core originated at Christ Presbyterian Church and gained some interest from reformed Baptist churches around town.

For ten years that interest coalesced into an Owasso small group out of Christ Presbyterian Church. Nothing formal was done to plant a new church. Then in the spring of 2010 – five years after RiverOaks Presbyterian Church was planted in South Tulsa – Pastor Ricky Jones lead a remnant of this core to begin monthly worship services in Owasso. This inchoate core group met once a month at Freedom Baptist Church on Sunday nights. About six months later Redeemer Owasso -- as it was first called -- began to meet weekly at the Owasso Sixth-Grade Center. During this time the core group grew but lacked the resources to become more than a small satellite of RiverOaks Tulsa.  

In the summer of 2011 the pastoral search committee called Rev. Blake Altman, a campus minister at Princeton University, to lead this congregation as their church planter. In October 2011 the new church plant changed her name Trinity Presbyterian Church to honor the visionary leadership of RiverOaks (formerly Redeemer Tulsa) and the groundsweel of encouragement from Christ Presbyterian.

In November 2012, the elders moved the weekly worship service from the Sixth Grade Center to Presence Theater where we they built a stable core group and received their first members (42) on Easter Sunday. In June 2012, Trinity moved their worship service from the evenings to Sunday mornings at the Owasso YMCA where the membership grew. Seeking more room for families with children and finding no alternate venues to accommodate our growing church, in 2014 Trinity invested in portable trailers and equipment to worship in the gym of the Owasso Sixth Grade Center.   The area formerly used as our worship venue in 2011 is now the greeting area for our junior high and high school students. 

In 2013 families began driving in from Grand Lake area to worship at Trinity. Trinity's Grove community group continued to grow, and Pastor Blake traveled to Grove once a month to lead this community group in worship.  In June of 2015 the session of Trinity Presbyterian Church recommended the Grove Community group to petition the presbytery to be approved as a mission status church in Grove. That petition was signed in July of 2015 and Three Rivers Presbyterian Church was established in August 2015. In the meantime, Trinity's long-range planning team thoroughly explored existing options for a permanent home for Trinity. 

As the youth group grew Trinity needed to find a place of her own during the week.  In 2016 we moved our offices into the old Ator Farm House across the street from Hobby Lobby.  The "Trinity House" became a mid-week hub of activity for Trinity members.  

  • In 2017 Trinity hired Pastor Scott Mitchell, Texas native and the RUF Campus Minister from Lehigh University, to be the Pastor of Community Formation.
  • In 2018 Trinity planted Hope Church Bartlesville with twenty families.  As with Three Rivers, the Hope core group grew out of a community group.  Blake and Mark Kuiper (and other PCA pastors in the area, notably Chris Miller from Trinity Grace in Rogers) traveled to Bartlesville to preach for this new core group as they developed the vision and mission to reach Bartlesville.  
  • In 2018 Trinity purchased 15 acres on the northwest corner of 76th Street North and N Memorial Drive in Owasso.
  • In 2019 Trinity lead their first capital campaign, ROOTS, with a goal of $1.2 million to pay off the land and prepare for phase one construction.
  • In 2019 Trinity hired Pfeifer Architects to follow the lead of our design development team.
  • In 2020 Trinity scattered during the global COVID-19 pandemic and worshipped online for three months before resuming in-person worship at the Patriot Golf Club because the Owasso Public Schools were closed to outside groups.
  • In November 2020 Trinity’s completed the design development of the their master plan for the fellowship hall, officers, and educational space (main sanctuary design still planned for the future) closed the ROOTS campaign raising over $1.1 million.
  • In 2020 Trinity paid off our land amidst the pandemic.  We returned to the Sixth Grade Center in May 2021 and began the RISE campaign to build Phase One of Trinity's facility.
  • In December 2020, Pfeifer Architects completed the construction drawings and reverse engineered the design into two phases.
  • In May 2021 Trinity embarked upon her second capital campaign to raise $3.6 million to raise funds for phase 1 of our facility.  By God's grace we exceeded our financial goal, which enabled the elders to finish the design for Phase 1. Catch the vision at
  • In December 2021 Trinity launched the Rev. Scott Mitchell to pursue a call to church planting.
  • In April 2022 we broke ground on Phase 1 (multipurpose sanctuary, kitchen, classrooms, restrooms).  By God's grace through the generosity of God's people, we plan to pay off Phase 1 as soon as possible and turn our eyes toward Phase 2 (children's area, youth, community room, and offices). Visit
  • In April 2023 we elected two new ruling elders and one new deacon to join our leadership team.  We now have five ruling elders and six deacons.  You can read part of their stories here.

Today Trinity ministers in concert with Christ Presbyterian (est 1951), Reformed University Fellowship at the University of Tulsa (est 2004), RiverOaks (est 2005), Grace and Peace PCA (est 2013), Three Rivers PCA (Trinity Church Plant, est 2015) at Grand Lake, Hope Presbyterian Bartlesville (Trinity Church Plant, est 2018), New City Fellowship PCA (2018) in North Tulsa, all the churches of the Hills and Plains Presbytery of the PCA, and the Acts 29 Network.

Trinity is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, a full member of the Acts 29 Network, and partners with Nine Marks and The Gospel Coalition.