Join us this Sunday - 10AM Gathered Worship, Barnes Elementary Gym (7809 E 76th St North, Owasso, OK 74055)

Sunday - 9:00AM Discipleship for All Ages

Join Us Sunday: 10am at Barnes Elementary

Trinity desires to be a church where all age groups grow in knowledge of the Scriptures and Christlikeness.  If we are not actively studying God's Word, we will be discipled by the world.  Trinity's Adult Discipleship seeks to provide high quality teaching in the area of theology, Scripture, and practical Christianity for long-time believers and skeptics alike.  

Classes are offered for adults on Sunday mornings at 9am before worship. These courses are taught by the pastors, elders or trained leaders.  Join us any Sunday morning for any course.  Follow the signs when you enter Barnes or ask a greeter.  We'll save a seat for you!

Upcoming courses:

Parables of Jesus with the Rev. Mark Kuiper (summer 2024)

Current courses:

Outpacing Worldly Wisdom: Westminster Larger Catechism with the Trinity elders (fall 2022-Spring 2024)

Past courses:

Peacemakers with Jon Nadig (winter-spring 2024)

Women's Study of the Book of Job with Janis Blades (winter-spring 2024)

Covenant Theology with Rev. Blake Altman (fall 2023)

Church History with Rev. Blake Altman and John Thorpe  (spring-fall 2023)

Francis Schaeffer: Evangelism & Apologetics for the Post-Modern World with Rev. Blake Altman (fall 2022)

Reformed Theology Course with Blake Altman (winter/spring 2022)

Spritual Leadership with Rev. Blake Altman (fall 2021)

Coffeeology with Rev. Scott Mitchell (fall 2021)

Eschatology with Rev. Scott Mitchell (winter 2020 thru spring 2021)

Coffeeology with Rev. Scott Mitchell (fall 2019 thru spring 2020)

Prayer Matters with Will Parker (spring 2019)

The Doctrine of Scripture with Rev. Scott Mitchell (winter 2019)

Emmanuel: God's Beauty with Us with Dr. Roger Price (Advent 2018)

ROOTS: God's Provision with Rev. Blake Altman (late fall 2018)

Marriage and Family with Will Parker (fall 2018)

The Incarnation of Jesus with Brad Moses (spring 2018)

Hebrews with Brad Moses (fall 2017 thru winter 2018)

2 Kings with Dr. Paul DesLauriers (winter & spring 2017)