Sundays: 10am at the Owasso 6th Grade Center
Live Stream: 10am on YouTube & Facebook Live

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Adult Discipleship

Trinity desires to be a church where all age groups can grow in Christ, from the youngest to the oldest. At Trinity, worship and community remain central to "body" life. One of the ways that we train ourselves in the scriptures in order to be better equipped for worship and community is through participation in one of our discipleship programs. Trinity offers a place for kids, youth, as well as adults.

Classes are offered for adults are normally on Sunday mornings at 9am before worship and are often taught by the pastors and elders. Below is a listing of our current and past courses:

Coffeeology (fall 2021) with Pastor Scott

Coffeeology is the art and joy of drinking coffee while talking about topics in the Bible and theology. Beginning Sun, Sept 12, adults meet in the library of the Sixth Grade Center before worship at 9 am. What makes Coffeeology so unique is that the topics are set completely by those in attendance. Curious about something? Just show up and ask a question! Previously when this course was offered we answered questions on so many topics and questions, such as:

What actually happened on the cross?
What's the deal with predestination?
Why do Presbyterians baptize babies?
If there actually are aliens (!), what does that mean for the Christian faith?
Why does a good God allow evil and suffering?
Why would God make things like mosquitos and ticks?

We'd love for you to join in the fun!


Past classes:

Eschatology with Pastor Scott (winter 2020 thru spring 2021)

Coffeeology with Pastor Scott (fall 2019 thru spring 2020)

Prayer Matters with Will Parker (spring 2019)

The Doctrine of Scripture with Pastor Scott (winter 2019)

Emmanuel: God's Beauty with Us with Roger Price (Advent 2018)

ROOTS: God's Provision (late fall 2018)

Marriage and Family with Will Parker (fall 2018)

The Incarnation of Jesus with Brad Moses (spring 2018)

Hebrews with Brad Moses (fall 2017 thru winter 2018)