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Archives for January 2020

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Why We Need to Rediscover a Moral Imagination

Christian worship becomes the place to call one another to celebrate the collective imagination, the shared history, the true saga beneath all stories, the gospel which brings human flourishing for the blood-bought lambs, and through them, hope for the world. God’s story of redemption is our story, too. We must tell it and show it and live it together. It is the foundat...

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Family & Community Group Questions, John 6:1-15

God intends His Word to change you. See how He works in you to do that. Read John 6:1-15 and work through these questions: Share a time when you felt God asked you to experience something that seemed unfair (An experience to endure, a command to obey, etc). How did the experience affect your faith or doubt in God? What does John intend his original audience to like and...

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Advent's Gaze + Advent Resources

In the season of Advent*, we celebrate our Lord's coming in the Incarnation and future return in glory. Our celebration of Advent gazes in two directions. In the rear-facing direction, we imagine ourselves to be in the place of those saints who looked forward to the first appearing of the Messiah. A Middle English lyric captures the thrust of this anticipation: Adam la...

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Why Community Group Leader Training is for Everyone

Community group leader training is for everyone. I know, you're probably thinking, "But Inever want to lead a community group." And to that I say, that's totally fine! God may never call you to that. But all Christians should desire the skills that a good community group leader has. What are some of those skills? Lead an interesting discussion on a passage of scriptur...

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Providence, Purpose, & Purity of the Gospel of John

We are returning to our exposition of the Gospel of John this Sunday, and I'd like to reintroduce you to the historical context and purpose of this Gospel, a favorite of many. The Apostle John writes his gospel from Ephesus sometime near the end of the first century (70-100AD) to call Jew and Jewish proselytes in Asia Minor to believe in Jesus, the Messiah, and to strengt...

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