Join Us Sunday: 10am at the Owasso 6th Grade Center

Work is good. God reveals himself in the first pages of the Bible as a God who works.

As Jesus says in John 5:17, "My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working." Today, however, we consider work to be only that activity or service for which we are compensated. Today, we spend an inordinate about of time working in this way, and yet there are few if any personal Bible studies or small group materials that focus on how the gospel applies to our work beyond sharing the gospel with fellow associates & colleagues. We seek to remedy that by teaching you how to integrate the gospel into your home & work.

Why is it important for Trinity to equip you in this area? For the past one hundred and fifty years Christian discipleship programs have largely emphasized matters of personal devotion (i.e., piety, evangelism training) and discipleship (i.e., knowledge of doctrine, Scripture memory). Over time this has created a private / public divide in our knowledge base for how to live out the implications of the gospel. As Christians in the heartland of America, we have inherited a strength and weakness from our Christian fore bearers. We are very strong in the “sacred/private” aspects of Christianity: we are nice, kind, generous people, especially outside of work. But at work ("secular/public" aspects), we often operate by a totally different ethic and standard (e.g., consider the Christian business man who berates his employees when they underperform (merciless), or the Christian dentist cuts corners on her patients' checkups (laziness) or who begrudgingly gives raises to her dental hygienists (stinginess), or the lawyer who always reminds his paralegals how much their insurance benefits cost the practice (a power grab). We need fresh training on how to view the services we provide, the products we make and our work itself as an extension of God’s Kingdom and an act (not object!) of worship to King Jesus. Trinity will equip you in this area.

Kingdom & Work