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From Concept to Scale: Creating A Gospel-Minded Organization
Steve Graves (Praxis Media)
A large and handsomely designed book, this is one of the only books of its kind, offering clear gospel orientation for starting an organization, social initiative, business or ministry. Useful, inspiring, fascinating, written by good friends of the Redeemer Center for Faith and Work.

Mission Drift: The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities, and Churches
Peter Greer & Chris Horst (Bethany House)
Recently named a Leadership Journal book of the year, this should be seriously pondered by entrepreneurs and leaders before their organization moves into a stage of “mission drift.” Offers great insights about how faith- based organizations can remain true, even as they innovate, to their founding principles and vision. The authors work with the internationally acclaimed micro-financing organization, HOPE International.

Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good
Steven Garber (InterVarsity Press)
An enduring, rich work by one of our most respected colleagues and friends, this book reminds us to embrace God’s call and settle in for the long haul of fidelity, not yielding to the temptations of pragmatism, cynicism, or loss of passionate care. Can we love the world as God does, knowing what we know about how things work (or don’t work, as the case often is.) Can we “sing the Lord’s song” in a way the world can understand it? How can we be sure that our innovations and visions endure for God’s glory by serving the common good? A must read for nearly any serious “worldly saint” but certain for entrepreneurs, cultural creatives and leaders on the social sector.

* These reviews are from a friend of Trinity, Byron Borger. Visit Hearts and Minds Books.