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Archives for March 2012

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The Gospel & Parenting

How does one live out the gospel in parenting? There is an old tale that Martin Luther once told about a drunken peasant who falls off his donkey to one side only to get back up and fall off to the other. Christians, Luther says, are like the drunken peasant. We fall over to license on one side, and then get back in line with the Gospel (Gal 2:14) only to fall the other d...

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Man on Train

Some things seem so random they must be from God. Today, I was working on the Trinity Order of Worship for this Sunday while on the train from Princeton Junction to NYC. Somewhere between the Call to Worship and formatting the first song, a 40-something-year-old man in business-casual attire came up to me with his hand out and said, "Hi, I'm Steve. Do you want to talk abou...

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A New Friend of TRINITY

On the drive to NJ/NY, somewhere in Ohio, a lady from Rock Tavern, NY called my cell phone to ask where we got our church's vision and content on the website. I told her Trinity's story, of our many committed brother and sisters, of how Chad Steven helped us with the design while I wrote the vision and mission. She wanted to know how we got to our understanding of discipl...

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