Join Us Sunday: 10am at the Owasso 6th Grade Center

In 2011 families from Bartlesville began attending RiverOaks PCA in Tulsa and Trinity PCA in Owasso. These families were drove 40 minutes to church because -- in their words -- "the Gospel-centered preaching of the Word of God, the visibly authentic community, and a Christ-like love for those inside and outside of the church."  A community group formed in Bartlesville over the next six years and families from Texas and Kansas moved into the area and began attending Trinity.

This community group began to pray and serve their city.  They began to gather more people and the Trinity Session encouraged them to start praying about a new gospel-cented church in Bartlesville.  In January 2017 five families gathered to pray.  In April the Trinity Session decided to begin an evening worship service in downtown Bartlesville.  Eighty people showed up (including members of Trinity as well as friends from the Bartlesville community who wanted to support this first meeting). Four more Bartlesville families officially joined soon thereafter, and others came alongside to help plant a new church.  At the encouragement of the Trinity Session, the Bartlesville community group petitioned the Hills and Plains Presbytery to established them as a "mission church."  In January 2018, Hope Church Bartlesville was given mission status and is currently looking for a church planter to lead the 60-80 people who gather for worship.

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