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The Lawyer's Calling: Christian Faith and Legal Practice 
Joseph G. Allegretti  (Paulist Press)
What a fine, helpful book, that invites us to reconsider the very assumptions we have about the nature of legal practitioners. Drawing on Niehbuhr’s famous categories in Christ and CultureAllegretti invites us to a transforming set of metaphors that will help us clarify the meaning of being truly Christian lawyer, working in redemptive ways.

Can a Good Christian Be a Good Lawyer?: Homilies, Witnesses, and Reflections
Edited by Thomas K. Baker & Timothy W. Floyd (University of Notre Dame Press) This is a wonderfully helpful collection of sermons, speeches, reflections, case histories and lessons learned, mostly by serious Roman Catholic attorneys. Very nicely done.

Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession
Michael Schutt (IVP Academic)
This is a truly extraordinary book, wonderfully written and profoundly Biblical, drawing on the long tradition of Christian considerations of legal theory, jurisprudence and how a robust Christian engagement with this scholarly work can help a practicing lawyer embrace their calling with greater integrity. Serious, interesting and finally practical, this is the best book of its kind in this field.  The author is a leader within the Christian Legal Society, and especially known in their lively law school ministry.  Truly, a must-read, must-have book!

Law and the Bible: Justice, Mercy and Legal Institutions
Edited by Robert Cochran and David VanDrunen (Intervarsity Academic)
A mature and sophisticated collection of pieces about law in the Bible, about a Biblical view of law, and about the implications for the legal profession.  A dense, enriching colloquium between evangelical Bible scholars, Christian legal theorists and practicing lawyers.

Christianity and Law: An Introduction (Cambridge Companions to Religion)
Edited by John Witte, Jr. & Frank S. Alexander (Cambridge University Press)
This collection is edited by two of the most esteemed legal historians and theorists o four time, released by the most prestigious publisher in the world. A very significant and sophisticated overview, considered by some to be the definitive such anthology.

God's Joust, God's Justice: Law and Religion in the Western Tradition (Emory University Studies in Law and Religion)
John Witte, Jr. (Eerdmans)
Doubtlessly the most respected and influential contemporary legal scholar knowingly working out of a Reformed Christian worldview, this is a fine example of his voluminous work.   For anyone wanting an overview of Christian legal scholarship, this author is one that you must know;  see, also his ongoing work at the Emory Center for Law & Religion.  Next, consider the work of his mentor, the late, legendary Harold J. Berman, a respected Christian who taught for many years at Harvard Law School, starting with Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition and Law and Revolution II: The Impact of the Protestant Reformations on the Western Legal Tradition.

* These reviews are from a friend of Trinity, Byron Borger. Visit Hearts and Minds Books.