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Joshua 8 - Community Group Questions for Nov 13, 2016

This week's sermon is from Joshua 8.  Listen to the sermon here

  1. How would you say you feel between God’s promises, stuck in the middle of the “conquest” without knowing what to do next?
  2. What are the little things that you are tempted to leave God out of, thinking you can handle them for yourself?
  3. In what ways have you seen “serpent theology” in the life of the church? (In what area of your life do you struggle to believe God is good? How might this passage encourage you toward active obedience to his Word in light of what Christ has done for you?)
  4. How does the dictum of “cursed is anyone hanging on a tree” relate to the death of Christ? Does the “tree” bring the curse or does the “curse” bring the tree?
  5. In what ways do you pause your work to look at His Word? How does the rhythm of work, rest, worship operate in your life? Why is such weekly renewal important? Share with the group how you rest and how you prepare for worship each week.