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Join Us Sunday: 10am at Barnes Elementary

For learning more about how to integrate your faith into your own vocational life, we recommend the following books and the books listed by professional industry in the "Called to Work" section of our site. Begin to explore your calling with this helpful article by Tim Keller.  Then, onto good reads below. 


Work: It's Purpose, Dignity, and Transformation
Dan Doriani (P&R Publishing)

Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling
Andy Crouch (InterVarsity)

Work Matters: Lessons from Scripture
R. Paul Stevens (Eerdmans)


Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Plan for the World
Timothy Keller (Dutton)

When the Kings Come Marching In: Isaiah and the New Jerusalem
Richard J. Mouw (Eerdmans)

He Shines in All That's Fair: Culture and Common Grace
Richard J. Mouw (Eerdmans) 


Creation Regained: The Biblical Basis for a Reformational Worldview
Albert Wolters (Eerdmans) 


Bonus Music

Do you know the great album of worship music that was commissioned to create songs somehow about or alluding to our work and callings in the world?  We are proud to know some of the song-writers and recording artists behind this marvelous Porter’s Gate worship project called Work Songs

work-songs-300x300 Check out the incredibly artful, deeply moving videos, from the soulful “Establish the Works of Our Hands” to the lovely “In the Fields of the Lord” to the amazingly, folksy “We Labor Unto Glory” to the phenomenal, quiet “Little Things with Great Love.” Joy Ike’s contribution, “Day By Day” captures the theme wonderfully and is as direct as any on the album.   “Wood and Nails” featuring Audrey Assad and Josh Garrels is gorgeously amazing, about “a humble carpenter.” The one about parenting “Every Father, Every Mother” is so moving. You’ve got to hear this whole album.  We recommend buying it directly from Porter’s Gate