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Economic Shalom: A Reformed Primer on Faith, Work and Human Flourishing 
John Bolt (Christian’s Library Press/Acton Institute)
With a foreword by [Pastor Blake's former colleague at Princeton, and] former Executive Director of the Center of Faith and Work, David H. Kim, this slim book is a serious overview, reminding us of important themes about the economy, caring deeply about the dysfunctions and idols of the age without settling for knee-jerk responses. Agree or not with all of the authors conservative Kuyperian insinuations or conclusions, this is a very useful foundational resource, and very highly recommended. (This book is part of a series produced and promoted in partnership with the extraordinary video curriculum For the Life of the World.)

Business Through the Eyes of Faith
Richard Chewning, Shirley J. Roels, John W. Eby (HarperOne)
A fine work written by a conservative evangelical, a Kuyperian Reformed thinker and a great Mennonite scholar, together offering the best of their respective traditions to the many details of business. This includes basic, Biblically-directed foundational thinking and very mature teaching on the goals and purposes of business in God’s world, as well as wise and ethical considerations of various aspects of running a business, from marketing to advertising, wages to customer service, business planning to doing justice in the workplace. Very useful.

Why Business Matters to God (And Still What Needs to Be Done)
Jeff Van Duzer (InterVarsity Academic)
A favorite of the CFW, this is one of the best books in the field, -- visionary, faithful considerations of the role of business and what we as God’s people might do in this important field. Particularly good is its guiding framework, helping us see the business world in light of essential Biblical themes. A must.

Business for the Common Good: A Christian Vision for the Marketplace
Kenman L. Wong & Scott B. Rae (IVP Academic)
A very significant book in the serious “Christian Worldview Integration Series” this major work covers nearly everything the thoughtful businessperson needs to consider their work in faithful ways. Very impressive.

Globalization and the Kingdom of God
Bob Goudzwaard (Center for Public Justice)
One of the annual “Kuyper Lectures” sponsored by the Center for Public Justice, this is a great introduction to not only thinking about global realities and a Christian assessment of globalization, but serves as an introduction to the renowned Dutch economist. After the large chapter by Goudzwaard, there are two respondents, offering brief remarks to further develop the contours of a Reformed view of the economics of our contemporary global village.

Subverting Global Myths: Theology and the Public Issues Shaping Our World
Vinoth Ramachandra (IVP Academic)
Ramachandra is a renowned evangelical leader from Sri Lanka and notable global scholar, situating him wonderfully to explore questions about globalization, economic development, and other large themes weighing upon anyone in the global marketplace. Not business, or even economics, per se, this is a prophetic and powerful challenge to the prevalent values of the worldviews shaping the global realities in which we work.

* These reviews are from a friend of Trinity, Byron Borger. Visit Hearts and Minds Books.