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Why Community Group Leader Training is for Everyone


Community group leader training is for everyone. I know, you're probably thinking, "But I never want to lead a community group." And to that I say, that's totally fine! God may never call you to that. But all Christians should desire the skills that a good community group leader has. What are some of those skills?

  • Lead an interesting discussion on a passage of scripture with little to no preparation.
  • Lead a group into the heart of the passage's meaning and application.
  • Find how every passage scripture points us to Jesus.
  • Involve everyone in the discussion.

How fantastic would it be to have the skills to lead our children in simple, discussion-based Bible studies? And to be sure, our covenant kids need us to study God's word with them and not merely teach at them. I spent 9 years in campus ministry training college students to do this (and many were amazing leaders!), so I'm sure we can be trained as well!

If you are interested in how to do this, join us for our community group leader training on Sat, Jan 11 from 9 am to noon. Childcare is provided.

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