Important: Trinity now meets at BARNES ELEMENTARY (7809 E 76th St North, Owasso, OK 74055)

9AM Discipleship Courses | 10AM Gathered Worship

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Family & Community Group Questions, John 6:1-15

God intends His Word to change you.  See how He works in you to do that.  Read John 6:1-15 and work through these questions:

  1. Share a time when you felt God asked you to experience something that seemed unfair (An experience to endure, a command to obey, etc). How did the experience affect your faith or doubt in God?
  2. What does John intend his original audience to like and dislike about 1) Philip and Andrew, 2) the disciples, 3) the little boy, and 4) the crowd?
  3. How does the reading this story through a “we” and not “me” perspective change the meaning of the passage for the people of God in Tulsa? Are there any parallels between the first-century and our day as it involves gnostic or secular religions using Christian language?
  4. What gifts do you have to offer God like the young boy? What conditions have you placed on Jesus to use your gifts for the good of the community? 
  5. Consider the crowd. Was their response godly? How should they have responded? Why did he withdraw from them?
  6. Take some time to listen to God. Spend time in prayer together, asking God to make your community group a “sort of people that mirrors the grace of God” rather than a collection of individuals worried about their own personal needs.