Join us this Sunday - 10AM Gathered Worship, Barnes Elementary Gym (7809 E 76th St North, Owasso, OK 74055)

Sunday - 9:00AM Discipleship for All Ages

Join Us Sunday: 10am at Barnes Elementary


We are made to worship.  Worship is the engine that changes us because the objects of our worship (i.e., promotion, kids, dreamjob, money, power, sex) shape us, mold us, consume us, contour us into their images. You've felt this in your own life, haven't you?

Yet, until we find true rest in the Triune God, we will fall under the weight of our longing to (1) be accepted, (2) to belong, (3) to be changed, (4) to love and be loved.  It all goes back to the Bible. To know God in context, at the center of a Christian's view of the world, we need to know who and how to worship. 

Each week we gather on Sunday mornings to adore the Triune God and confess that our self-saving strategies do not bring the rest we need.  Only in Jesus Christ alone do we receive the acceptance we dream about and the rest we need.

If you're ready to read more about rest, click here to learn and reflect on the meaning and importance of the Biblical idea of sabbath.