Join Us Sunday: 10am at the Owasso 6th Grade Center

Songs of Jesus: Trinity Summer Devotional

The Psalms are the prayerbook of God’s people who are striving to be faithful to the Torah as they await the coming Messiah. 

So, the very context of the Psalms itself assume a posture of waiting.  The Old Testament believers who wrote the Psalms, David (73), Asaph (12), Sons of Korah (11), Heman and Ethan (2), Moses and Solomon (3), and anonymous (49), longed to see the promised Kingdom.  They did not get to see Jesus, but those of us who come after him get to read about his life and eagerly await his return.  And we we wait, we are to pray.  We are not to wait anxiously, fearfully, but courageously, honestly and above all prayerfully.  Just like the Psalms taught the Ancient Israelites how to do that, so also do they teach us.  

This summer, Pastor Scott and I are going to continue to teach you how to pray using the Psalter.  These weeks in the Psalms are instructive for our hearts.  We are going to give you as much practical wisdom in practicing prayer using the Psalms as possible.  And each week you can join me and others at 9am to practice praying through the Psalter in the south hallway of the Owasso Sixth Grade Center at 9am.

Also, I’ve prepared for you a devotional this summer to use.  You may start here.  Each week we’ll activate the link for Sunday’s Psalm to help you prepare for worship.  I pray it will be a blessing for you and your family.