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Songs of Jesus: Summer 2018

Songs of Jesus: Summer 2018

This is our fourth annual summer through the Psalms.  At Trinity we want the Psalms to give voice to the full range of our emotions as Christians; to help us learn the "anatomy of the soul" as Calvin once wrote.  Come with us on this journey. 

The Psalms are the poetry of the passions, the songs of the Jesus.  For nearly three thousand years God’s people have used the Psalms as daily devotionals; these one hundred and fifty poetic stories are replete with meaning to shape our loves, voice our cries, mold our desires, and reveal the beauty of Jesus’ work for us.   Until the late 19th century memorization of the Psalms was a requirement for monastic life and ministerial ordination.  They were a fixed part of the curriculum of the Latin grammar school; the phrase “psalteriam dicere” became a synonym for early education.  Augustine quoted the Psalms as he died.  Jesus did too.

Give yourselves permission to stop and meditate on the truth of God through the Songs of Jesus.  This summer we continue to explore the Psalms together in corporate worship, a journey we started in the summer of 2015.  Many of us read the Psalms but rarely do we meditate on them.  Practicing prayerful meditation on God’s Word prepares us to respond in faith and repentance.  Jesus joins his people in gathered worship to that end.

Read and follow the directions carefully.   Resist the temptation to rush through these devotionals.  Go slow.  Let the Psalms soak into your soul and offer comfort.  Let them regulate you back to spiritual health.  Share what you’ve learned with your community group.  These rhythms of grace and beauty, death and sadness, struggle and hope give us a framework of dealing with these realities in our own lives.    

We will be using the Psalms to learn an ancient way of prayer in the church called lectio divina.  Instructions are given below in "A Way to Prayer Through the Psalms: Practice for the Heart."   As you pray in this way, our chief prayer is that you will enjoy the fellowship of your Savior who loves you.

We look forward to meditating on the Songs of Jesus with you.  Follow the links below to begin the journey through the Psalms, the Songs of Jesus. 

 Yours in Christ, 


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II. Introduction to the Psalms: Teaching to the Heart

III. A Way to Pray thought the Psalms: Practice for the Heart

1. May 27 - Psalm 9: Techniques for Hard Days

2. June 3 - Psalm 10

3. June 10 - Psalm 53

4. June 17 - Psalm 115

5. June 24 - Psalm 118

6. July 1 - Psalm 12

7. July 8 - Psalm 14

8. July 15 - Psalm 15

9. July 22 - Psalm 16

10. July 29 - Psalm 149

IV. What wiser men have said about the Psalms.