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What is Advent?

What is Advent? Since the fourth century, God’s people have especially yearned for Jesus’ second coming during a four-Sunday celebration leading up to Christmas, a season called Advent. The church has used the season of Advent — which means “to come” — to prepare us for the day when Jesus comes again to make all things new (Rev 21:5). Since we don’t know the day or the hour of His return, we are filled with a sense of joyful expectation as Christmas Day approaches.

An Advent wreath reminds us to watch fervently for Christ’s return. The evergreen wreath symbolizes the new and everlasting life brought through Jesus Christ. The wreath consists of five candles; four candles around the wreath and one white candle in the center. One candle is lit the first Sunday of Advent, two are lit the second Sunday, and so on. The brighter light progressively reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world that comes to bring light, awareness, and hope into the darkness of our fallen world (Isa 42:6). Each of the candles has special significance: the first is the prophecy candle; the second is the Bethlehem candle; the third is the angels’ candle, the fourth is the shepherds’ candle; and the center, white candle is the Christ candle, lit on Christmas Day.

Watch each week as families come to light the Advent wreath at Trinity. Consider how Jesus took on flesh to be the Light of the world, died for sinners, and rose again on the third day. One day He will return to bring lasting peace, destroying once for all the darkness of sin & decay.   Come see it for yourself and wait with us in anticipation of Christ's coming.