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Sunday - 9:00AM Discipleship for All Ages

Join Us Sunday: 10am at Barnes Elementary

Community Group / Family Devotional Questions - December 12, 2021

God's Word intends to change you.  See how he works in you to do that.  Read Luke 2:8-14 again after listening to Sunday's semon and consider these questions:

  1. What is something you have seen that weighs a lot?  
  2. What did Pastor Blake say that the word glory means? 
  3. What does that say about God’s character?
  4. What are two responses to the God’s glory in Luke 2:8-14?
  5. Which response to God’s glory do you have? 
  6. How does Jesus -- the Lord of glory (1 Cor 2:8; James 2:1) -- meet your deepest need for glory?
  7. How can we appreciate the glory of God in our neighbor?  What's something we can do for others this week that reflects God's glory?  How does your understanding of God's glory help you love others?
  8. Consider reading C.S. Lewis’ famous sermon called The Weight of Glory this Advent and reflect on the human longing for glory -- a glory that can only be found in the Father’s acceptance of you through Jesus.
  9. Read the third verse of Hark the Herald Angels Sing! and look up these verses that support Wesley’s lyrics.  Take time to meditate on each line in light of the Scripture reference.  Thank God for glorious work of redemption!

    Hail the Heav'n-born Prince of Peace! (Isaiah 9:6)

    Hail the Son of Righteousness!  (Jeremiah 33:14-15)

    Light and life to all He brings (John 8:12; 10:10)

    Ris'n with healing in His wings (Isaiah 35; Luke 7:20-23; Rev 21:5)

    Mild He lays His glory by (Phil 2:8-11)

    Born that man no more may die  (2 Corinthians 5:21)

    Born to raise the sons of earth (Eze 37:13; John 6:40)

    Born to give them second birth  (John 3 and the story of Nicodemus)

    Hark! the herald angels sing: (Luke 2:8-14)

    “Glory to the newborn King!” (Luke 2:14; Rev 5)