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Devoted to Prayer

January 19, 2014 Pastor: Blake Altman Series: ACTS

Topic: Sermon Verse: Acts 1:12–1:26

Waiting is one of the hardest things for modern Americans to do. Yet so much of our lives is composed of waiting: in lines, at the store, for a job. And each of us find something to occupy that time. In Acts 1 we see a picture of the early church called by Jesus to wait, wait for the Holy Spirit. They weren't told how long. They weren't told what to do. They weren't told if it would be ten days or ten years. But they waiting faithfully. They were so impacted by what Jesus did for them in the Resurrection and the Ascension that they immediately returned to Jesus and enjoyed one of the most important resources for growing Christians. What is that? Listen and see how much Jesus Christ wants to change you.

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