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Dinners for 8

Dinners for 8

Dinners for 8 Coming this Fall! Dinners for 8 are multi-family dinners for people from Trinity to gather together for dinner and discussion. The goal of Dinners for 8 is to help our Trinity family get to know each other better in a meaningful way; to share life together. Dinners for 8 are not a replacement for Community Groups, but a supplement, designed to provide a smaller environment for relational growth. To learn more about Dinners for 8, read the following FAQs. You can sign up HERE.



What is the difference between a Community Group and Dinners for 8?

Community groups at Trinity tend to be large, and while they are a great place to get to know people at Trinity, oftentimes it’s more difficult to get to know people intimately in larger settings. That’s where Dinners for 8 comes in. The smaller environment lends itself to making sure everyone participates in conversation and that important topics regarding faith, life, etc., are able to be discussed.

Can I be a part of a Community Group and participate in Dinners for 8 at the same time?


What happens in a Dinners for 8?

Adults from up to 4 family units (up to 8 adults), along with their children, come together for a leisurely meal together and spend time doing something we do less and less in today’s world: have face-to-face conversations. Each group can decide how food will be provided and where each dinner will take place.

Is childcare provided?

Each Dinners for 8 group can choose whether or not it would like childcare. If desired, childcare is provided by Trinity free of charge.

How often do Dinners for 8 groups meet?

Each Dinners for 8 group can determine how often it meets, from once per week to once per month. You can note your preference on how frequently you meet when you sign up.

When will Dinners for 8 begin meeting?

Groups will be formed as families sign up. Once your group is formed you are free to start meeting. All groups will begin meeting the first week of October at the latest.

How are Dinners for 8 groups assigned?

Pastors Blake and Scott will assign groups based upon affinity, etc. If you have particular people that you would like to be a part of your group, please make a note on your sign-up form.

Is there a commitment once I sign up?

If you sign up for Dinners for 8, we ask that you commit to meeting with your group for 3 months: October thru December. Remember two things: 1) when you sign up you get to choose how frequently you would prefer to meet, and 2) each group can ultimately decide how often it will meet.


Do I have to be a Christian or a member of Trinity to be part of a Dinners for 8 group?

Absolutely not! Dinners for 8 are open to all people. (You do have to be human, though!)

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for group HERE.