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Community Group Questions for Dec 18 | Joshua 24

Read Joshua 24. You'll be able to listen to Sunday's sermon here.  Find a Community Group near you here

Community Group Questions:

  1. Why do you think it was necessary fro Joshua to recount and review God's grace-filled history of Israel?
  2. Do you find the mysteries of God -- the darkness you sometimes endure -- difficult to accept?
  3. Does God's honesty of showing you the hard along with the easy encourage you?
  4. In what ways does God continue to display His power toward the church? Does this make you more dependent upon Him?
  5. Have you take a look in your rearview mirror to see how God has protected you? Does it cause you to worship him or cause you to ask Him why it happened that way?
  6. How has God's provision for you been both necessary and abundant?
  7. The commitment which Joshua calls for it both large and deep. Does Christ demand such commitment from His followers?
  8. Are you humbled and do you rise to praise when you realize and believe that God of creation really wants a relationship with you?