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Community Group Questions | Galatians 2:15-16

20170103-Galatians-Tasting the Freedom God Provides

Read Galatians 2:15-16

Point of the Sermon: There is an infinite chasm between knowing (v. 16a) that we can be justified by faith in Jesus Christ and believing (v. 16b) that we are justified by faith in Jesus Christ.

Sermon Outline: 

I. What is justification?

II. The Knower's Dilemma

III. The Believer's Assurance

Community Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Paul uses the word justification for the first time in verse 16. The Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther, said that the biblical doctrine of justification was the article of faith that marks whether a church stands or falls. What does Paul mean by "justification"?
  2. According to verse 16, how is one justified before God?  What difference does that make practically for you spiritually, psychologically, and socially?
  3. The knower's dilemma is being able to explain how salvation through Jesus Christ works intellectually but failing to believe it personally. How would you say that you have experienced this dilemma in your own story?
  4. How can wanting to believe actually be an obstacle to your justification?
  5. What assurances do those who are justified enjoy?