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Psalm 6 and our "Trail of Tears"

Eugene Peterson(1932- ), well-known author of The Messagetranslation writes,"Left to ourselves, we will pray to some god who speaks what we like hearing, or to the part of God we manage to understand. But what is critical is that we speak to the God who speaks to us, and to everything he speaks to us the Psalms train us in that conversation." Prepare for worship this Sund...

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Songs of Jesus

Psalms Logo

This summer give yourselves permission to stop and meditate on the truth of God through the Songs of Jesus. This July and August we will explore the Psalms together in corporate worship. Many of us have read the Psalms but rarely have we meditated upon them. Practicing prayerful meditation on God’s Word will prepare us to respond in faith and repentance during Sunday wor...

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Life of the Church

We are looking this spring at the church and the implications of the church for our vitality, life, growth. When Scripture speaks of the church, it never gives us an official definition. "The Church is this." Instead it gives us images. Pictures. Metaphors for the Church. Scripture does this to help us see that the church is not static. It is growing, moving, reforming. Th...

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So... What is fasting?

In response to my post on Lent someone asked about fasting. What is it? Pastor Blake, Thank you for this! Very informative and helpful information. I have a novice question... What IS fasting, traditionally? Is it abstaining from all food? Just meat? Anything you'll miss? Is it from Sun up to Sun down, or 24/7? And is the point to remind us to pray? Pray about what sp...

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Jesus' Introduction to Prayer

We saw a principle emerge from Matthew 6:5-15 last week: Resting in the eternal love of the Father leads to a consistently active prayer life. Prayer in most religions are weighed by repetition or length. But Jesus gives us a pattern of prayer that is short and simple. Let me help you remember what we said. Muslim prayers in the Koran are poetic, very sublime but they must...

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What is Advent?

What is Advent? Since the fourth century, God’s people have especially yearned for Jesus’ second coming during a four-Sunday celebration leading up to Christmas, a season called Advent. ...

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Learning to pray in a new way

Christians throughout the ages have prayed using a technique called lectio divina - a slow, contemplative praying of the Scriptures. Lectio divina is a latin phrase that literally means “divine reading.” This ancient practice has been kept alive in the Christian monastic tradition. It is not a mystical reading of Scripture; it is rather an extremely practical way of p...

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Caring for the Poor

Trinity's vision is what we want to see in the future. The mission is how we are going to accomplish what we hope to see. The vision motivates. The mission activates. I want you to see both side by side: Trinity's Vision: To see grace change everything by bringing social, culturally and spiritual renewal to Owasso. Trinity's Mission:to enjoy the Triune God by showing tha...

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Private Holiness & Public Good

As I'm preparing to preach on James 2:8-26, I'm reminded of an important era in American religion that I want to share with you. One of my colleagues at the university where I was a campus minister was a friend named Paul Raushenbusch. He was the Associate Dean of Religious Life and is now the senior religion editor at the Huffington Post. We disagree on almost every theo...

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The Gospel & Parenting

How does one live out the gospel in parenting? There is an old tale that Martin Luther once told about a drunken peasant who falls off his donkey to one side only to get back up and fall off to the other. Christians, Luther says, are like the drunken peasant. We fall over to license on one side, and then get back in line with the Gospel (Gal 2:14) only to fall the other d...

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